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Find your Cruise Car® now!

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Specific Vehicles for Specific Needs.

Cruise Car® ranks among the largest suppliers of commercial grade electric low speed utility vehicles. Thousands of Cruise Cars are in use at federal government properties, military bases worldwide, municipalities, universities and resorts nationwide and in over 40 countries.

A recent acquisition of Cruise Car® by ICON® EV has vastly expanded the production output and added localized service with the addition of hundreds of dealerships. The company currently operates (5) 100,000’+ assembly plants throughout North America and builds/delivers well over 4,000 per month!

Purchasing Contracts

Purchasing Contracts


Look through our frequently asked questions to find the answer you’re looking for or contact our Cruise Car® support team for assistance.

Are Cruise Cars street legal?

All Cruise Cars offer a street legal upgrade option, which includes a 17 digit VIN and manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.

How much does a Cruise Car® LSV cost?

Our Cruise Car® low speed vehicles range in price based on buildout, features, and region. Find a dealer now to ask about prices.

How long are customer warranties from Cruise Car®?

ICON® EV (Manufacturer) warrants each Cruise Car® branded golf cart sold by Cruise Car® or any of its authorized dealers or distributors—worldwide, to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale.

Can I add accessories to my vehicle?

Yes, the addition of accessories is welcome and encouraged. All accessories should be installed by a trained professional.