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About Cruise Car®

Cruise Car® was founded with a single mission- Deliver specific vehicles for specific needs, faster and cheaper than anyone else. That mission has driven Cruise Car® to higher and higher heights, until it stands where it is now: leading the cutting edge of low speed utility vehicles.

ICON® EV’s ECO family of brands is all-encompassing.

Each division of the ECO family unites to provide the ultimate low-speed vehicle experience.

EPIC Carts

Luxury, performance, and prestige; ICON® EV’s  premier luxury brand asks one question – Was today more EPIC than yesterday?

Cruise Car®

Utility vehicles for specific needs; ICON® EV’s commercial line over-delivers on every contract – and at a lower cost than the competition.


The street, the block, the course, and beyond; ICON® EV’s lifestyle brand has a fundamental offer – the freedom to go wherever you want.

Specific Vehicles for Specific Needs

Cruise Car® has ranked among the largest suppliers of electric low speed vehicles to federal government agencies for over 15 years, including over 500 military base customers. Cruise Car® also sells a wide variety of commercial grade carts to hundreds of municipalities, universities, resorts, and multinational corporations. National contracts include GSA and the Sourcewell Buying Cooperative.

Why Shop Cruise Car®?

Cruise Car® has reached astounding success because we go above and beyond on every sale. Not to mention, we have:

  • High quality components and standardized upgrade features
  • Aggressive price points
  • Fast delivery times
  • $1m+ parts inventory
  • Strong customer support
  • Stylish vehicle design
  • Street legal vehicle upgrades – 17 digit VIN

Cruise Car® Fleet Clients

Fed. Government

US Navy – 100+ Facilities Worldwide

US Army – 100+ Facilities Worldwide

US Air Force – 100+ Facilities Worldwide

VA Medical Centers Nationwide

VA Cemetaries Nationwide


Bureau of Prisons

Dept of State – Embassies Worldwide

Dept of Agriculture

Dept of Interior

Dept of Justice

Missile Defense Agency

Home Land Security and TSA Training Grounds

FAA – Airports (incl MIA, ORL, JFK)

Air National Guard

Pearl Harbor Memorial Park

National Capital Patrol

Commercial Accounts

Municipalities – 100+

Walmart Distribution Centers

Nike Distribution Centers

AMR – Ambulatory Services

State Parks – Nationwide

NJ Transit


California Prison Systems

Port Authority


Cleveland Zoo

Universal Studios


Paramouint Studios

Botanical Gardens – TX, FL, NJ, NY

SALT River Pima Indian Preserve


University of Florida – UF

University of California – UCal

University of Pensylania – UPenn

SUNY School Systems (largest in USA)

Florida State University – FSU

Kent State University – KSU

Temple University

Univerisity of NC – UNC

University of Central FL – UCF

Ringling College

Arkansas State University

OK State University

Louisiana State University – LSU

University of Texas – UT

West Point Academy

Antelope Valley High School Union

Arizona State University – ASU


Mastercorp – Housekeeping provider for 250+ hotels

Marriott / Sheraton

Holiday Inn

Ritz Carlton



Caribbean Resorts – Multiple


7 C’s Housekeeping Services

Bahama Cove Resort

Blackman Cart Rentals

Beach Bum Cart Rentals

Celebration Suites

St. Lucia Sugar Bay

DKNY Turks Caicos Retreat

Pelican Resort Foundation

Plus Thousands of Retail Customers (sold through our vast retail dealer network)