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Cruise Car® stands behind every golf cart that we sell with a two year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

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Cruise Car® Warranty

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ICON® EV (Manufacturer) warrants each ICON® branded golf cart sold by Cruise Car®, or any of its authorized dealers or distributors worldwide, to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale. Within the warranty time frame, subject to the issues listed below, Cruise Car® will repair or replace the golf cart and/or parts of the golf cart if the components in question are defective in materials or workmanship. Cruise Car® believes in, and values quality manufacturing. Should you ever encounter a potential warranty issue with one of our products, please contact us using the contact form below with a brief explanation of what you are experiencing. Our team will quickly jump into action, and we promise to do our very best to resolve your warranty issue as quickly as possible, all while providing the best service in the industry.

Warranty FAQ

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How long is my warranty from Cruise Car®?

ICON® EV’s (Manufacturer) warrants each Cruise Car® branded golf cart sold by Cruise Car® or any of its authorized dealers or distributors—worldwide, to be free of defects for a period of 2 years from the date of sale.

Is my warranty transferable?

Yes. You can transfer your warranty from your Cruise Car® to new owner at no cost. Contact your dealer for warranty transfers.

Where can I get more information regarding my Cruise Car®'s warranty?

You can find more information about your warranty by visiting and you can also find a copy of your warranty in the provided owner’s manual that came with your cart.

Is my windshield covered under the 2 year warranty?

Yes. The windshield is covered if it is a manufacturing defect. The windshield is not covered if it has been misused, abused, hit from an outside source, or has excessive wear and tear from normal use.

Are my batteries covered under the 2 year warranty?

Yes. All batteries that come in your new Cruise Car® will be covered for a period of two years. Exclusions for coverage would include lack of maintenance, undercharging the cart regularly, battery failure due to a third party outside electrical source or wiring. Tampering with the charger or charger algorithms will also void battery coverage under the warranty terms.

Can I have another dealer work on my cart?

Yes. Any authorized Cruise Car® dealer can perform warranty work on your cart. Work performed outside of an authorized Cruise Car® dealer, Cruise Car® Service Factory Center, or an authorized and qualified dealer or designee shall void the Limited Warranty.

Will Cruise Car® pay to have my cart delivered to the dealer for warranty repairs?

No. Any and all expenses incurred in transporting the vehicle to and from Cruise Car®, or an authorized dealer, technician, or designee will be the sole responsibility of the cart owner unless otherwise noted by the service provider.

Will adding accessories to my cart void my warranty?

No. The addition of accessories is welcomed and encouraged. The only time any accessory would become an issue of warranty coverage, is if that accessory directly related to the failed component. All accessories should be installed by a trained professional.